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The VESTAX Typhoon DJ Controller Review

I’ve been using the Typhoon now for a little over 2 years now and it’s amazing. From the touch sensitive steel jog wheels to the glossy, candy apple colored faders, it feels like a Japanese Katana that is ready for action!

In my article here I’m gunna’ go over all the fun stuff about the Typhoon as well as the not so fun stuff (like why my fucking FL Studio won’t load audio via the Typhoon tonight).


When I got the Typhoon I was using the BCD, and from the BCD it’s a substantial upgrade. The lights on this thing alone will keep you dazzled for days. But fuck the lights, on about the functionality.

The build is nice, it is light and can fit into a laptop bag or case, which is useful for traveling and gigging abroad. The material is a hard resin plastic, like the type they make firearms with. So it is strong and would not break if you dropped it a few times.

Behind The Scenes

It’s a bit tricky to install all the drivers. I recall for my all in one having to find a real solution, and install the drivers manually that I copied from my Sony VAIO Laptop. If anyone needs a hand with this, feel free to email me at and I’ll give you a hand. Once you’re setup it’s a breeze.

Overall Usage

I find this thing is awesome. I’ve used another Pioneer mixing concole and it was an alike feel. Only the Pioneer console goes for around $1,200 USD.

Virtual DJ Skin


I love Viirtual DJ. I don’t give a fuck what people say about it. I recall when big names like Carl Cox & Tiesto used to use this software. Vestax has also included a skin for VDJ that looks exactly like the layout on the Typhoon.

Decksaver Cover

And now Decksaver has brought our an awesome cover to keep the dust OUT! At arounud 50 bucks US, this is a AWESOME.


Visit Decksaver here.

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