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Stereo Session 44 Is Now Available!

Go to to listen now Over the past 5 years Stereo Sessions has traditionally been a mix that is strictly progressive, trance, bigroom & other house styled electronic dance. Since last summer, the Sessions have taken on a new twist, they’ve have been infused with a 1980’s style of music called Synthwave or Retro Wave. What’s even better is …

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Typhoon Post

The VESTAX Typhoon DJ Controller Review

I’ve been using the Typhoon now for a little over 2 years now and it’s amazing. From the touch sensitive steel jog wheels to the glossy, candy apple colored faders, it feels like a Japanese Katana that is ready for action! In my article here I’m gunna’ go over all the fun stuff about the Typhoon as well as the …

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Enjoy Stereo Session 44 ;)

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